As the oldest continuously operating community college in California, Fullerton College’s alumni roots run deep. Hundreds of thousands of students have graduated from Fullerton College over the years. Active alumni can make a good college great. While Fullerton College does not have an alumni association there are still many ways to connect with the college and support students.

Get Involved

Fullerton College students proudly sporting Hornets gear.

Give Back

For over 100 years, Fullerton College has been a place for students to study as they set a course for their future and realize their dreams. The Friends of Fullerton College Foundation is dedicated to helping all Fullerton College students reach their fullest potential by easing the financial burden of higher education through scholarships. Alumni wishing to give back to the college and current students are encouraged to visit the Friends of Fullerton College Foundation.

hall of fame induction ceremony

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Fullerton College Athletic Hall of Fame was established by the Hornet Heritage Foundation in 2005 to preserve and celebrate those coaches, student-athletes and supporters who have excelled at making FC one of the top colleges in the nation with over 100 years of competition. View the Hall of Fame.

A group of Fullerton College students stands wearing T-shirts representing the colleges to which they will soon be transferring.

Stay Connected

Are you looking to build your professional network or simply find an old friend? It is possible they are part of Fullerton College’s alumni social network. Connect with more than 44,000 alumni on LinkedIn and nearly 1,400 on Facebook.

Rich History

Fullerton College is an institution rich in history and tradition. Whether it is the legend of the tunnels that link Fullerton College and Fullerton Union High School or images of students kayaking through the streets of Fullerton, we invite you to learn more about the history of this unique college.

10 members of the first class at Fullerton College went on to graduate in 1915.

Ordering Transcripts

Fullerton College has contracted with Credentials Solutions to provide transcript ordering, printing and delivery. If you need your transcript quickly it is highly recommended that you choose the PDF option, as it can take up to 10 business days from the day your order is completed for you to receive a transcript sent via 1st class mail.

However, please be aware that when sending a PDF transcript to yourself, it cannot then be forwarded to a different email address.

Forwarding a PDF transcript makes it unofficial. If your transcript is going to a third party, you should have it sent directly to their email address. This ensures that the transcript will still be considered an official Fullerton College document.


For more information, please contact the Office of Campus Communications at 714.992.7013 or email